August 2012 - People Magazine

Pole Fitness Association of South Africa (PFASA) is excited to announce that 2012’s Pole Unity will be hitting Joburg in August – all proceeds going to charity, a registered NPO, outreach and development programme whose undertaking it is to uplift communities through the joyous and healing power of dance. Free dance training is offered to previously disadvantaged individuals and free teacher’s training is provided to those in the Graduate Programme.

Eight teachers have qualified through fantastic initiative. Over the years they have managed to successfully grow an outreach programme in Mamelodi West and they hope to continue to provide people in the community with not only the training they need, but the hope, joy and empowerment that they deserve. We chatted to founders Julie Swart and Tracey Simmonds about pole dancing – after all if Lindsay Lohan, Kate Hudson and Teri Hatcher can get in touch with their inner stripper, why can’t we? Here are their tips…

10 Fitness Benefits Of Pole Dancing

All over body toning
Increase fitness levels
Builds strong upper body
Build strong core
Increases flexibility
Increases confidence
Improves coordination
Improves posture
Safe weight loss

5 Pole Dancing Safety Tips

Work with qualified instructor
Warm up properly and stretch
Be aware all the time, if you lose your focus you may fall
No body lotion or creams
Use special pole grip (chalk) to avoid slipping

4 Pole Dancing Facts

Not all pole dancers are exotic dancers
Pole dancing is for men too
It’s for any shape, size and age
It’s not as easy as it looks

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