Tell us about yourself – age / family / job / – whatever you would like to share:

43 year old wife and mother of 2. Yoga and pole instructor.

When did you join the Vertical Vixen studios?

End of 2014

What were your reasons for joining?

My 17 year old daughter wanted to try so we decided to try together.

Are they still the same?

Now I pole because I find the challenge really inspiring.

Because of the classes / new exercise regime – did you start to make changes to other areas of your life? if so what?

I started to pay more attention to eating healthy unprocessed food to give my body the protein and energy required to get strong.

What other benefits / experiences / friendships have you gained from your classes at Vertical Vixen?

The social bonds at the studio are really amazing. I feel that my life is richer for all the friends that I have made through Pole classes.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of trying pole? (Why would you tell someone to join a pole class?)

Try a pole class even if you think you might not enjoy it, try a pole class even if you think you are not strong enough, try a pole class even if you think you are not flexible enough you might surprise yourself and find joy, strength, flexibility and a community of friends.

Debbie Rawson
Debbie Rawson
Debbie Rawson

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