Lara Aldridge

Lara’s pole journey began 6 years ago when she sheepishly attended her first ever pole class and achieved sore muscles, bruises and half a basic spin. Determined to look as graceful and strong as all her Instagram pole idols she follows, she returned to class three times a week and added some strength training into her program. “Pole dancing has taught me a great deal about listening to my body and what it can do, finding the mental strength to push through when I want to give up and respecting the process of healing – injuries are the worst setbacks, but the greatest teachers”.

Six and a half years later she is now the proud owner of Vertical Vixen Linksfield studio and passionate about introducing more woman and men to the world of pole dancing. “I love the excitement on a student’s face when they master a new move or realize how much they have achieved since their first class. I’m constantly challenging myself as an instructor to engage better, understand individuals limits and still allow them to enjoy the class and feel proud of their achievements.

Linksfield studio has becomes a second home to me with the incredible friends I have made, the awesome instructors I train with and most importantly the students I engage with daily. I am excited about growing our studio and our student base over the next few years”

Lara holds various titles for competitions she has performed in and loves being part of the annual Vertical Vixen showcases.

When not at pole, Lara works in the exciting world of corporate and enjoys travelling with her fiancé and spending time outdoors with friends and family.