Megan Droppa

Megan has been a dancer her whole life. She started ballet when she was 4, followed by acrobatics, contemporary, tap and hip hop in her later years. Megan has been poling with Vertical Vixen since 2014 and has taken part in many showcases and competitions. Being on stage, in the spotlight, all eyes glued to the masterpiece that is the performance – it is a feeling like no other. Hours of dedication for that short moment of pure bliss.

Megan was a Cheerleader for the IPL Cricket Tournament in 2019.

She has also completed her beginner instructor course in Pole Fitness.
In 2019 she became part of an acrobat contortionist trio act.

“Pole dancing is the most exciting and thrilling form of dance that I have ever done. I love it with all my heart and have many hopes and dreams for the future.