May 2011 - Flux Mag

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When most men, and women (especially those with a man in their lives), think of pole dancing you think of a strip club, naked women, shinny poles and money being flashed and then stashed in a strippers g-string. However, if we said it is fast becoming a popular and reputable form of exercise the world over for women (guys, think of your girlfriend or wife, not so much yourself doing this),you might still think “so, it’s like a school for strippers”… um, not so much, anymore… read on.

Pole dancing, or pole fitness, is a new(ish) form of fitness for women that offers a great workout, is addictive and competitive, and has class too. It gives a full body workout, increasing body tone and muscle definition, improves flexibility, coordination and confidence, boosts weight loss, increases fitness levels and allows participants to explore a new sense of fluidity and strength in their bodies.

At this point you should be calling your girlfriend or wife over to read this to get her to start pole dancing. Just imagine a pole in your house for her to practice on, and whilst she does these incredibly demanding moves, you get to sit back, relax and give your opinion. All this and she will love it and she’ll start seeing all benefits in her health, fitness and body shape.

The Pole Fitness Association of South Africa, set up to develop and uphold the standards within the pole fitness industry, is making it their mission to maintain the integrity of all pole fitness studios that have sprung up in SA.  They are affiliated with Pole Unity, which was established in the UK, and who hold a fundraising event called “Dance for a Cure”, using pole fitness to raise funds that are utilized to vaccinate thousands of children every year in the battle against cervical cancer.

PFASA are now bringing this event to our shores, held at the Barnyard Theatre in Cresta on the 25th June 2011 at 13:00, and it promises to uncover the art and sport of pole fitness as you have never seen it before. This is a family friendly event showing the fun side of pole fitness.