Tell us about yourself – age / family / job :

I am currently 37 years old, I have two little monkeys called children. My son is almost 11 and my daughter almost 9 years old. I love my job so much… project manager for an exhibition company and this is so rewarding for me!

When did you join the Vertical Vixen studios?

I joined Vertical Vixen in August 2012, and since that day I have been completely obsessed with this sport. It has does things for me that have exceeded my every expectation. The ‘ME” time is something that I needed so badly. The girls have become family and the most wonderful part of my life. I go through physical withdrawal when and if I cannot make class….. this coming from someone who almost vomited before my first class. It felt like the odd girl starting a new school and look what happened….. it has become one of the most important parts of my life. This is not even touching on what this sport has one for me….. the list could go on forever!

What were your reasons for joining?

I was 30kg over weight, completely miserable in my life and marriage and felt useless as a young mother to two beautiful energetic kids that needed me to be able to be a part of their busy lives and I was NOT! I must say that diet and gym were what I thought I needed…. Little did I know. It actually came up between my girl friends over December 2011, and all 9 of us decided that we will start in the New Year…. And funny it works out…. Me being this obese shy girl was the only one that started…. And look what has happened. I am also not shy to say that all my other girl friends are in awe of what I have achieved… and I will never look back and I will promote any person to start this amazing sport…. Male or female… You gotta do it! I thank my lucky stars for that day that I took the deepest breath and just went for it. It was a day I will cherish forever. If I can make one girl or guy take the plunge then this is all worth it. Not to mention my amazing and inspiring coach who was so integral at making me feel at home and teaching me to love myself. There are no words to describe the talent that Julie has but this talent is not in her dancing alone it is an unspoken nature inside her. There are no other words to explain it. She took me in and made me the gorgeous sexy confident lady I am today!

Did you start to make changes to other areas of your life? if so what?

I believe that diet is everything…you can’t out train a bad diet…. I also love Trail running and getting into nature for hikes.

What other benefits / experiences / friendships have you gained from your classes at Vertical Vixen?

When it came to losing almost 30kg’s I worried about toning up again and this is what pole did for me. It gave me so much tone and muscle, being able to handle my own body weight is an amazing feeling. I have made so many friends and I feel part of a very special family.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of trying pole? (Why would you tell someone to join a pole class?)

There are so many reasons….. time for yourself. Learning to be confident in my own skin and feeling sexy and wanting to express myself in ways that I never knew possible. Learning to dance and learn choreography not only trains your body but your mind. The dance part of it has become such a love for me. It is hard to even put it into words what these pole/dance classes have done for me… mind body and soul.

Anything else you would like to share?

Every girl should try a pole class and a dance class…. You will not be disappointed.

Nicky Hermanson
Nicky Hermanson
Nicky Hermanson

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