October 2011 - JHB Live

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It’s athletic and so damn sexy. It’s pole dancing and we chatted to Julie, the Vertical Vixen who will be performing to wowed crowds at SEXPO this weekend

Julie teaches the art of the pole. She is the luscious owner of Vertical Vixen Pole Studios in Johannesburg and has been dancing for 6years now. She loves that pole so much that she has made it her ultimate sport and career choice. And she is set to show off her moves alongside Alicja at SEXPO too. We asked her a bit about herself and her pole.

1)  So Julie, you’re a professional pole dancer and pole dancing instructor at Vertical Vixen. How did you get into it?

I started as a student in a class about 6 years ago. I had come back from the UK a bit chubbier than usual and was looking for an alternative form of exercise that was fun.
Ed’s note:  And it sure seems to have worked.

2)  Pole Dancing is damn sexy, and looks like fun.  What benefits can it have for ladies who take it on?

The benefits are endless. They include overall body toning, increased fitness levels, flexibility, confidence levels and improved body image.

It’s fun and can end a stressful day on a good note. Some people come for the lessons just to have a break and step away from their very hectic schedules and lives.

3)  And there are benefits in the bedroom department for their men too no doubt?

Yip! Increased confidence levels and from losing weight will always impact on your personal life. Your partner will definitely reap the rewards from that.

4)  Do you ever get asked if you’re a stripper? And how do you respond to that?

I used to get asked that all the time but not so much anymore. People are now aware that pole is a sport not just something done in strip clubs. I tell people I am a fitness instructor and that we are not strippers. Then tell them more about it and what good exercise it is.

5)  What can SEXPO visitors expect from your performances there this year?

Myself and dance partner Alicja have 2 double routines, meaning that we share the same pole and do acrobatic tricks together. You will have to come and see what is on offer; I wouldn’t want to spoil it.

6)  How long would it take a beginner pole dancer to learn to climb that pole and hang upside down, like in the movies?

You could get there quicker than you may think. It usually takes 3-6 months, depending on how strong the individual is. Some even can do it within their first month of classes.

7)  How can our readers find out more about signing up for Pole dancing lessons with you and what other fitness classes does Vertical Vixen offer?

They can visit us at SEXPO; we will have a stand there. They can also go to our website www.verticalvixen.co.za or they can email me on info@verticalvixen.co.za.

We have studios in Edenvale, Fourways and Northriding.

Catch Julie and Alicja in their pole dancing demos at Sexpo, Galagher Estate, and 29 September- 2 October 2011. More info on SEXPO at www.sexpo.co.za