Join us for a fun evening, to lift our spirits and see friendly faces, as the Lockdown changes to Level 4 phased restrictions.

We will also announce our Quarantine Queen winner ????


Date: 30th April (Thurs)

Time: 7:30pm

Venue: Your lounge or your bed ????

~ Via Zoom ~

The quiz will consist of 4 Categories  – an Ice Breaker (via Whatsapp Images) / General Knowledge / Pole Trivia / Music. All you need is yourself, a pen and a piece of paper.

If you would like to partner up with another VV friend you can (chat via whatsapp about your answers), if you have a friend / family member that wants to join in on the fun that is fantastic – the more the merrier! If you are home alone we want to see you online!

There is a optional fee of R50. If you are able to contribute, thank you, if not that’s perfectly fine too. Winner takes all or donates it to a cause!

* We know how easy it is to jump on Google, we hope that you will play fairly and test your knowledge.
* You will have to tell us your total score at the end of each section. Make sure your addition is good. Calculators are very handy.????
* The winner is the team / person that receives the highest overall score.

We hope to see you online on Thursday. Zoom link will be shared via Whatsapp Groups / Email.