You can choose your family.

At Vertical Vixen, we’re not just about exercising. We’re about self-discovery, self-love, and stability – of your physical core and your emotional and mental well being.

Founded in 2007 by South African Champion Julie Fowler, Vertical Vixen is more than an exercise studio. It’s a safe place where friends become family, students reinvent themselves, and everyone comes to de-stress, have fun, and shake off the week. Weight loss, confidence, and strength are added benefits.

Our highly trained, experienced, and passionate instructors are more than just teachers. They take a vested interested in your goals and will guide you through your transformation journey, whatever that means to you: gaining strength, achieving mental and emotional balance, or simply proving to yourself that you can do anything.

We offer a variety of classes and movement forms, to suit every level. All our classes have a common goal: to stretch the capacity of your body and mind. To ensure that you leave the studio feeling happier, walking taller, and feeling more powerful within yourself. There’s no judgement here, only love.

Find your happy place.