You can choose your family.

Founded in 2007 by South African Champion Julie Fowler, Vertical Vixen is more than an exercise studio. It’s a safe place where friends become family, students reinvent themselves, and everyone comes to de-stress, have fun, and shake off the week.

Weight loss, confidence, and strength are added benefits.

Our highly trained, experienced, and passionate instructors are more than just teachers. They take a vested interest in your goals and will guide you through your transformation journey, whatever that means to you: gaining strength, achieving mental and emotional balance, or simply proving to yourself that you can do anything.

We offer a variety of classes and movement forms to suit every level. All our classes have a common goal: to stretch the capacity of your body and mind and to ensure that you leave the studio feeling strong, empowered, and connected to yourself.

There’s no judgement here, only love.