August 2010 - People Magazine

People Magazine

Click here to read the article Celebrities are not the only ones taking to the poll for a good workout Pole Fitness Celebrities are not the only ones taking to the poll for a good workout. We chat to Julie Swart, owner of Vertical Vixen, for the low-down on pole dancing, aka pole fitness –…

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November 2010 - Go Travel

Go Travel

For the rest of the article refer click here Yes, it’s an official sport. But no, there is no stripping. Finalists in the 3rd South African Pole Dancing Fitness Championships recently battled it out to be the queen of the pole at the Vodacom Dome in Midrand. Vibrant costumes, breath taking pole fitness acrobatics, and…

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October 2011 - JHB Live

JHB Live

To read the full article, click here It’s athletic and so damn sexy. It’s pole dancing and we chatted to Julie, the Vertical Vixen who will be performing to wowed crowds at SEXPO this weekend Julie teaches the art of the pole. She is the luscious owner of Vertical Vixen Pole Studios in Johannesburg…

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September 2011 - Cosmopolitan


To read the full article click here Once associated with sleazy strip joints, Pole Fitness is the latest, super-fun way to get in shape. Julie Swart of the Pole Fitness Association of SA explains why. 1. How long has pole-dancing been a sport in SA, and where did it first originate? A form of…

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May 2011 - Flux Mag

Flux Mag

Click to read the article here When most men, and women (especially those with a man in their lives), think of pole dancing you think of a strip club, naked women, shinny poles and money being flashed and then stashed in a strippers g-string. However, if we said it is fast becoming a popular and…

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January 2011 - Destiny


To read the rest of the article click here SA Pole Dancing champion Julie Swart chats to us about the sport that’s getting people fit and healthy. Congrats on your achievement! How do you prepare for your events? Thank you. A lot of planning has to go into the theme and costume for the…

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Julie Swart Weight Loss

PDC Weight Loss

Julie Swart is an approved pole dancing instructor at Vertical Vixens in South Africa, looking at her body now you would never believe she had suffered from being overweight but Julie’s body has changed dramatically since she started pole dancing. We spoke to Julie to find out why pole dancing is such a great workout.…

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