You can wear anything that you are comfortable in. You must be able to move freely though, without constraint – so no tight jeans. Think dancewear and exercise clothing. Shorts can make things easier for pole dancing, but only if you are comfortable wearing them. Another popular suggestion is a pair of long track pants that can be folded above the knee.  Most of our ladies go barefoot for all the classes but you may wear shoes if you prefer. Make sure you are not wearing any body lotion or oil before attending class (even traces of lotion/oils/creams can be dangerous). It will make you slip on the pole and this could lead to serious injury. Remember to remove all jewellery as it scratches the pole and may hamper your grip.

A towel, plenty water and a yoga mat. It is important that you bring your own mat from a general hygiene perspective. We do however; have extra mats available for trial classes.

The emotional and physical benefits of the pole dance and fitness classes are amazing. You’ll have increased self-confidence, the benefit of toning and sculpting your body, with a general increase in flexibility and coordination. Overall pole dancing and fitness classes are great for your general well-being and for alleviating stress. The physical and emotional benefits are endless.

We currently have a studio in Jukskei Park, Gauteng

A class averages between 10-20 ladies depending on which studio you visit.

NEVER! The ages range from 16 – 60. In the Pole Dancing world, age REALLY is just a number.

A class is made up of women from all walks of life, most of who are beginners within the pole dancing fitness industry. No previous dance or fitness background is required. We help men & women of all shapes and sizes – in fact we encourage and celebrate as MUCH diversity as possible, as it adds to the pole fitness experience.

Of course you can. Pole dancing is a workout and will help you shift some of the weight. You can also attend the other fitness classes that we have to offer. In fact, weight loss is one of the huge benefits Pole fitness offers.

Pole dancing takes a little while to master and once you have developed increased strength everything will start to become easier. You need to be patient with your body and not compare yourself to anyone else. Some moves may be harder for you than others and if we can, we will give you an alternative to practice instead. It is also completely normal to be nervous for your first class. Being nervous makes you sweat a bit more so your grip will not be the best, but the next time you come to class you will know what to expect and you won’t be as nervous. As with everything in life, the more you practise, the better you get.
Mastering Pole Dance is a marathon and not a sprint.

Everyone starts out in the Pole Fundamentals classes. The moves are on rotation so within a 3 month period you would have covered all the basics. However, at the end of that 3 month period you may still not be ready to move to the next level. We do assessments, so if you feel you would like to advance a little quicker then ask us and we will determine if your strength levels are up to scratch and then move you into the next class. Once in the Intermediate class it works on the same principle, except that the moves are a lot trickier and take a little longer to master. It usually takes a full year to move from this class to the advanced class, but it could be shorter (or longer) depending on the individual. Everyone is encouraged to move at a pace they are comfortable with. Each person is different and has different strengths.
Remember once again: Mastering pole dancing is a ‘marathon, not a sprint’.

No, you do not need to own your own pole. We provide poles in the classes for your use; however it is advantageous for you to have a pole at home – as it affords you the opportunity to practice daily. When you are ready to order your own pole, please chat to us as we do have a brand of poles that we promote at the studios.

We have a selection of poles varying in diameters of 50mm, 45mm and 38mm. Some poles are static and some are spinning.

As with any sport, there is always a possibility of injury. You will move at your own pace in the class, giving your body time to develop the strength required. You WILL get a few bruises and experience ‘pole burn’ but these are a small price to pay for all the other benefits you will gain. The other fitness classes we offer may also cause some minor bruising (nothing serious) but you will get stronger and as you improve, the bruising will be a thing of the past.

You can register and pay for your first class on the night that you decide to attend. The 6 month and 12 month contracts are setup on a debit order system. Any registration fees, trial classes and 1 month contracts can be paid for in cash on the night or by EFT before you attend.

Please feel free to email us on pole @ or call us on +27 72 199 3133