Tell us about yourself – age / family / job / – whatever you would like to share

I am 31 (and in denial about that) single mother and work my 9-5 in finance.

When did you join the Vertical Vixen studios?

I started pole dancing in January 2013

What were your reasons for joining?

A colleague tried to get me to start years ago but I never took the plunge. After having my boy I had to learn to deal with this mom bod and  had to regain my confidence as doing the mom thing on your own really digs into your self-confidence and image

Are they still the same?

No – They have changed dramatically over the years.

Because of the classes / new exercise regime – did you start to make changes to other areas of your life? if so what?

Totes, I never enjoyed gym and would go if I had a training buddy but never alone. Since pole requires a lot of strength and discipline I joined gym and now frequent gym for that matter (and I do enjoy seeing progress both at pole and gym) Healthy living is easier because there is motivation to remain disciplined.

What other benefits / experiences / friendships have you gained from your classes at Vertical Vixen?

Benefits are plenty. As woman we are all very critical of ourselves and there will always be room for improvement. Each new move is such a confidence boost, pushing your body to do things other people are in awe of and getting them right. High fives and victory dances (yes we go full spaz) are quite common in class and we all share in each other’s victories. I have gained many friends through pole, one of which I get to call a best friend. Besides the obvious there is also my own confidence. Pole does wonders for your self-esteem. Walking into a room tall and confident in who you are and accepting yourself really goes a long way. Pushing yourself to do things that may seem impossible teaches you that you don’t need to focus on your flaws because it’s only in your mind that they hold you back (and only you notice them)

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of trying pole? (Why would you tell someone to join a pole class?)

Give it a go. Don’t do one class and expect to do all the impressive moves. Stick at it and give your body a chance. It is totally worth it and 6 months from now you will be glad you stuck it out as you invert and feel accomplished (that’s going upside down) Pole does wonders for the body and well being. When I am upset I don’t skip pole because it actually makes me feel better. Such great me time (but you don’t do it alone as your pole sisters are always there)

Yvette Malherbe
Yvette Malherbe
Yvette Malherbe

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